How Much Can I Save With Foam Insulations?

Tue, Aug 30, 2022

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How Much Can I Save With Foam Insulations?

Spray foam insulation has been around for quite some time now. These insulations trap heat and cold in your home or any other premise. Many people are using these insulations to benefit from their efficacy.

With airtight insulation offered by these spray foam insulations, you can save a lot on your monthly energy costs. But how much exactly can you save on energy costs with spray foam insulation? Even the finest insulation contractors in Vancouver cannot give you the perfect answer to this question as there are many variable factors you ought to consider. So continue reading to learn more about factors influencing your cost-saving ambitions.   

Factors That Can Influence Your Insulation Savings

It would be much simpler if one could say that spray foam insulation can help you save this or that amount of money. But things are much more complex with many variable factors at play. Some of these factors include:   

  • Climate

The first factor that determines how much you save with spray foam insulation is the climate. 

It is no news that different regions have different climates. For instance, if you live in a warm area, you might be able to save on heating but spend more on cooling. 

Hence, you need to put in better windows and insulate them with spray foam to trap the cold air. On the other hand, heat loss is your main concern if you are someone from a colder region. Again effective spray foam insulation can help you save significantly on your energy bills.  

  • Single vs. Double Story

As surprising as it may be, single-story houses benefit more from spray foam insulation than two-story houses. It is because a two-story house has double attic storage compared to a single-story one. 

In most cases, single-story buildings with vaulted ceilings mean one has to remove the drywall to install the insulation.

It is crucial to make enough room for the contractors to work and insulate your house. All these things can further contribute to the effectiveness of the insulation and hence the savings on energy. 

  • Your Existing Insulation

Every house already has insulation of some kind or the other. There are many such houses where the existing installations remain on the attic floor. As a result, the attic traps more during warmer days, causing the temperature to rise significantly. 

But if there were no insulation on the attic floor, the temperatures would not rise as they do with the insulation. So, the insulation contractors in Vancouver always suggest getting rid of the existing insulation before installing the new spray foam. It will help you save more on energy costs with foam insulation. 

  • The Age of Your Home

Another crucial factor you need to know about is the age of your home. Insulations have evolved extensively over decades, so older houses will not have the advanced insulation available today. Besides, older houses will also succumb to the damages of wear and tear that can impact the efficacy of the insulation. 

In most cases, houses built before the 1990s are more likely to benefit from spray foam insulation as these houses lack the base layer of protection. Nonetheless, it is still better if you consult an experienced insulation contractor to get a better idea concerning the specifics of your house. 

  • The Condition of Your Doors And Windows

The final influencing factor is the condition of your windows and doors. No matter how high-quality your insulation is, it will do no good if your doors and windows are in deplorable condition. Having outdated or worn-out windows and doors means bidding a farewell to the money you were looking to save with foam insulation. So make sure you reach a professional who can evaluate the condition of the doors and windows for you. As long as they ensure things are good, you are good to install foam insulation and save on your energy costs like a pro.      

Final Thoughts

Vancouver insulation plays a crucial role in determining the value of a house. Houses with better insulation are often priced more in the market. So, keep these factors in check to evaluate how much you can save with spray foam insulation. Once you know the value can also help you get better prices for your house whenever you decide to sell it.  If you’re looking for insulation contractors in Vancouver, contact XYZ Construction and Renovation Group.