Drywall Damage: What Triggers it and How to Prevent it

Thu, Aug 4, 2022

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Drywall Damage: What Triggers it and How to Prevent it

We all know that drywall has many benefits for homeowners. It provides a uniform finish to your rooms and helps with adequate space utilization. Whether you want to divide a room into two or create arches or eaves, drywall comes in handy. 

You can call your drywall contractor in Vancouver and utilize it for any purpose. However, constant wear and tear may damage your drywall. So, it is crucial to take care of it. 

Let us have a look at some most common ways drywall may damage and how you can prevent it:

1. The impact from furniture or door handles

Every house has furniture pieces like chairs, tables, stools, etc., placed by the walls. When you sit on the chairs or move the tables, they may damage the drywall over time.

To prevent the impact of furniture on drywall, we advise you to place your chairs or tables somewhat distant from the walls. The damage is avoidable when there is no contact between your furniture and drywall.  

The same goes for door handles. When we open the door, it goes all the way back to the wall. If you have drywall installation, the constant impact from the door handle may cause damage. To avoid it, install stoppers on the doors so they don’t go back. 

If you already see the signs of damage from furniture and door handles, you can call professionals for drywall repair in Vancouver

2. Damage from Cracks And Holes 

Your drywall may have cracks due to external factors, and it all starts with a small one that grows with time. So, you mustn’t ignore the small cracks and fix them as soon as you notice them. 

The first thing you need to do here is to determine what is causing the cracks. There can be several factors resulting in drywall cracks like changing seasons, changes in temperature, moisture, etc. 

Start by preventing the direct impact of the cause on your drywall by adjusting the temperature and removing humidity in the house. Then, fill in the cracks using a joint compound. 

The other form of damage is holes in your drywall that most commonly happen due to drilling nails. If you want to fix these holes, you need to fill them in, sand the surface, and repaint over the patch. 

If a large portion of the drywall has cracks or holes, you might need to replace that patch with a new piece. Call professionals to perform drywall repair in Vancouver if the damage is beyond control.

3. Water Damage Due To Leaks 

Water damage is also one of the most common types of drywall damage acknowledged by the top drywall contractor in Vancouver. If you think you have damaged drywalls due to leaks, start by finding the leaks and fix them as soon as you can. 

Once the cause of the leak is out of your hair, you can focus on repairing the drywall. If only a small area of your drywall has the damage, you can cut and replace it with a new drywall piece. However, if you see the damage on the entire wall or a larger area, it calls for drywall reinstallation. 

Call your drywall contractor in Vancouver to replace the damaged drywall and prevent leakages in the future by regularly checking your pipelines and plumbing fixtures. 

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