Why is Insulating your Attic Crucial in Summer?

Thu, Mar 3, 2022

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Why is Insulating your Attic Crucial in Summer?

Insulation only keeps your house warm during winter. It is a common misconception! However, there is no denying that many people believe that. If you are one of these people, let us burst the bubble for you. Insulation during summer is equally crucial. It is because insulation not only keeps your house warm on cold days but also keeps it cool during hot days.

So, insulation performs double-duty and helps regulate the temperature of your house. Now, how does attic insulation help keep your home cool during summer? Before you look for professional insulation services in Surrey, let us explain the science behind it:

How does insulating your attic benefit during summer?

Summer days can get hot, and it is a common belief that insulation absorbs heat. So, how can it keep your house cold? According to professionals, insulation keeps the heat away during summer and not vice versa.

We all know that heat travels to cool places. It is why you wear a coat during winter so you can trap your body’s heat, preventing it from escaping to the cold atmosphere around you.

On the same lines, when it is warm outside, but your house becomes cooler because of air conditioning, the outside heat will travel towards your home. In your attic, the professionals install the insulation under the roofline. The insulation acts as a thermal barrier and prevents both types of heat transfer - through convection and conduction. So, the attic’s insulation repels heat away from the house rather than absorbing it. Similarly, it prevents the heat from escaping your home to the cold atmosphere during winter.

So, now that we have learned about the dual performance of insulation in the attic, let us have a look at its benefits to the homeowners:

1) Stops Hot Air From Entering your HVAC Ducts

The attic is generally the pathway for your home’s HVAC ducts. Also, during summer days, an uninsulated attic’s temperature rises to 160 degrees F. So, it is evident that if the heat reaches the HVAC ducts, it will impact your cool air stream, resulting in an overload on your air conditioning system.

As a result, your AC will take longer than usual to cool down the house and will consume much more energy to work.

With insulation installed in your attic, heat does not reach the ducts, helping your HVAC system run efficiently and fast.

2) Remarkable Energy Savings

There is no denying that attic insulation might lay a little heavy on your pocket. However, the cost of insulation services in Surrey is nothing compared to the lifetime energy savings and cost benefits it offers.

Attic insulation not only helps your HVAC system run efficiently during summer but also helps keep the house warmer during winter. With no additional costs and energy consumption on regulating your home’s temperature, your savings increase remarkably.

3) Improved Air Quality (IAQ)

The air quality in your house should be good to ensure the better health of everyone living under the roof. Summertime leads to hot and humid days. However, with updated attic insulation, the humidity levels in your house reduce, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can cause damage to your walls, furniture, and belongings. Also, it gives birth to some serious health issues like allergies, runny nose, irritation in eyes, sneezing, skin rashes, and more. However, with insulation installation, the chances of mold growth reduce close to zero. It leads to improved air quality, hygienic surroundings, and a healthy lifestyle.

So, these were the benefits of installing insulation in your attic during summer. If you’re looking forward to insulating your attic, contact XYZ Construction & Renovation group. We provide insulation services in Surrey for all areas in your house. Call us today to learn about the best type of insulation for your home.