Which Is The Ideal Season For Painting The Exterior And Interior Of Your Home?

Mon, Jul 4, 2022

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Which Is The Ideal Season For Painting The Exterior And Interior Of Your Home?

Variations in the weather conditions can certainly have a direct impact on the quality of home painting. 

For instance, cold weather might have a different impact, while hot or humid weather conditions can have an entirely different one. Thus, it becomes imperative to pick the right season for painting the interior and exterior of your home. 

But picking the right weather season for painting your home is not easy. The environment plays a key role here, and every painting company in Vancouver must consider this at all times. So continue reading as we explore different aspects of painting your home in different seasons. 

When Should You Paint The Exterior Of Your Home?

Every painting company in Vancouver understands that painting a home’s exterior is a tricky business. The place and environment you live in play a key role here. For instance, suppose your home is in a region where the weather remains consistently sunny, then things will get much easier. 

According to many experts in painting in Surrey, it is always better to avoid painting the exteriors of a home when the temperature goes below 50-degrees Fahrenheit. It is because colder weathers make it challenging for the paint to adhere to the roll-off. 

Then comes the heat and humid weather conditions, which also spring up many challenges for experts at any painting company in Vancouver. 

Generally, exterior paint should not take more than an hour to completely dry. However, humid conditions can prolong this process, and the paint on the walls may take longer to dry.      

Besides, extreme weather conditions can give way to cracks, even on good-quality paintings in Surrey. In addition, this also increases the risk of painters succumbing to the wrath of extreme heat. The best approach here is to avoid any such weather conditions. The ideal temperature to paint your home would be around 65 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Thus, experts from specialized painting company in Vancouver suggest choosing the dry season for painting the exterior of your home. So make sure you choose the fall or the spring season when the temperature is relatively moderate. But keep up with the rain forecasts in unpredictable weather conditions.    

When Should Paint The Interior of Your Home?

Painting the interior of your home is much simpler than painting the exterior of your home. Unlike the outer part of the house, the external weather does not affect the interiors much. As a result, you can call the painters from your preferred painting company in Vancouver at any time of the year.     

But wait, things might be that easy always, especially if you live in a humid area. Like exterior painting, Surrey interior paints can take much longer to dry in humid weather. Thus many experts even recommend using a dehumidifier when painting the exterior of your homes.   

The other thing you need to be mindful of when painting the interiors of your home is getting the job done by experts. Most experts from any painting company in Vancouver will have the knowledge and expertise to use the right paint. Also, your interior paint generally lasts much longer than your exterior paint, so it’s always better to get the job done by experts.   

These considerations are important because even if your paint might appear dry, it can still be in the drying process. So calling in the experts of painting Surrey also allows you to move the furniture around. As a result, there will be more fresh air around, helping enhance the pace of drying your interior paints.    

The final thing you need to know about painting the interior of your home is getting good quality. Experts recommend using non-volatile organic compound paint, especially if you have people already living in the house during the ongoing project. These paints do not release any toxic gas chemicals into the air, so they pose no harm to you and your family members. Thus wait for a dry and bright day and call in the experts from your preferred painting company Vancouver to get the job done effectively.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, no single factor can help you determine the ideal season for home painting in Surrey. Therefore, the intelligent thing to do here is to weigh all the crucial factors and choose the season accordingly. You can even reach experts from your preferred painting company in Vancouver to seek assistance on the matter.