7 Ways A Monthly Email Newsletter Can Help Promote Your Painting Business

Fri, Apr 15, 2022

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7 Ways A Monthly Email Newsletter Can Help Promote Your Painting Business

Regardless of the type of business you run, there is no shortcut to marketing. The same goes for painting businesses as well. One can market their construction and painting business in many ways in this digitized world. Yet, monthly email newsletters remain one of the most effective ways to reach your customers and engage with them.

However, the time and effort needed to deliver monthly relevant newsletters raise questions about their feasibility. So are they a fruitful marketing technique for your home painting business? There is no denying that! If you are doubtful, here are seven ways your painting business can benefit from monthly newsletters:

1) Generate Quality Web Traffic

Email newsletters give your home painting business easy access to high-quality web traffic. Unlike other types of web traffic, you know these people are interested in your offerings as they are on your website after reading the newsletter. Thus, converting these visitors into paying customers should not take much effort from your end.

2) Connect With Your Customers

Every customer appreciates a business that makes efforts to stay connected with them. You can take many different approaches to establish that connection, but monthly email newsletters also inform them about the deliverables of your business. So, when they find something that interests them, they are more likely to visit the website and learn more.

3) Generate Awareness

You would not be comfortable seeking painting services from a contractor about whom you cannot find any information. Most people will refrain from getting involved with painting businesses, about which they cannot find much. Additionally, people are tired of promotional ads and emails. So, monthly newsletters will help inform your customers about your home painting business, which further helps in cementing your connection with them.

4) Bag More Contracts

The primary goal behind your marketing efforts is to get more painting contracts. Email newsletters help you do just that in a much more effective way. These newsletters will allow you to pitch your offerings and discuss different aspects of your painting and construction services. Hence, readers are engaged, which helps you bag more contracts.

5) Establish Your Brand Identity

There are many other contractors in the market just like you. But what sets your services apart from others? Your brand identity. Using email newsletters with resonating logos and clean designs can help you establish your brand identity like a pro. You need not make anything fancy; just a clean-cut newsletter will do the job. Tell your prospects about your services and what you do out of the box, like how your team is different from the competitor, what unique techniques you use, what exceptional services you provide, etc.

6) Boost Your Social Media Presence

Every email newsletter you share with your customers must contain links to the social media accounts of your business. These links can be highly effective in boosting your click-through rates. Also, this gives you an accessible medium to directly interact with your prospects and customers. If you have social media accounts that showcase your team’s work, previous projects, and other services delivered by you, your business will get more traffic and leads.

7) Showcase Your Industry Expertise

An email newsletter is a highly effective way to showcase your industry knowledge to customers. You can start by alerting them about the recent happenings in the industry and answer their industry-related queries. For example, tell them about the side-effects of the paint with Xylene or Ethyl Acetate. Then, mention how your painting company uses environment-friendly and healthy paint options. Building brand authority becomes much easier this way.

What Should You Include In Your Home Painting Business Newsletter?

There are many types of content you can feature in your monthly email newsletters. You can talk about your services in painting like regular painting jobs, textured wall painting, doors, and furniture painting. You can also talk about the other additional services you offer like drywalling, insulation installation, sanitization, etc. Additionally, you can promote any festive offers or discounts you wish to provide to your customers. Other than the promotional stuff, you can also create informational newsletters.

The text, along with engaging visual content, makes the perfect newsletter.

With the above information, monthly email newsletters are one of the most impactful and cost-efficient marketing tools you can leverage as an owner of a home painting business. Always make a point to provide your customers with unique and value-driven content that resonates with your target audience. Ultimately, it is all about keeping your readers interested and engaged in your brand to generate more leads.