Want To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets? Here Is What You Need to Keep in Mind

Fri, Aug 27, 2021

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Want To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets? Here Is What You Need to Keep in Mind

Your kitchen is the heart of your house. Everyone gathers in the kitchen when you host a party. Besides, it’s where you find your favorite snacks. But then what if you don’t like the fact that it reflects the previous owner’s taste? What if your impulsive paint choices have caused your kitchen to look unsightly? Well, you need a paint job done at the earliest.

Here are the paint types you need to consider—

You don’t have to spend any more time in your kitchen if it has become an eyesore for you; just go for a kitchen remodel. It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. All you need is to paint your kitchen cabinets.

You can transform your kitchen with just a bit of planning and the right paint for the cabinets. You want this to be the year you start loving your kitchen again. Even if you don’t cook too often, you can transform this room in your house that isn’t often used into a lively space by using the best paint for cabinets.

There are many options for the paint to use on kitchen cabinets. 

Latex-oil hybrid paint is the best choice for cabinets. It has all the benefits of oil and latex paint. But then painting a room isn’t as simple as picking up a brush and getting started. Painting requires a bit more preparation. For starters, you’ll need to take out the doors from your cabinets. There is also special paint that can be used for kitchen cabinets.

Oil-based paint was once the most preferred choice of professionals. However, technology has improved paint formulas, and we have different paint varieties these days. Oil-based paints are no longer recommended for cabinet use. They also don’t work well for residential purposes.

Professionals prefer latex paint due to its improved formula and ability to get a good finish on all surfaces. The hybrid enamel is actually a favorite among many others for painting cabinets.

So, there are three types of kitchen cabinet paint commonly used in present-day households—

1. Oil-Based Paint—

It was once preferred by professionals, but the toxic nature of oil paint and its quality have rendered it obsolete.

Oil-based paint is the most versatile of interior paints. It is made up of color pigments suspended in oil, which are then thinned using an agent such as mineral spirits. Because of its ability to create uniform painted surfaces, it was the most preferred slow-drying paint for wood. It’s also durable, which makes it ideal for cabinets and trim that are subject to a lot of wear.

A lot of countries are no longer using oil-based paint. It’s not that these countries hate it because of more advanced options available on the market. It’s just that it is high in Volatile Organic Compounds, which are dangerous for humans and can be harmful to the ozone.

It can also be messy and wasteful. To clean up spillages and mistakes, you will need mineral spirits. It is important to be careful when disposing of oil paint leftovers, old painting equipment, or used mineral spirits.

So, oil-based paint can be dangerous and a hassle. You can also achieve a beautiful, durable finish for your kitchen cabinets using other types of paint.

2. Latex Paint—

Interior spaces are great to paint with latex paint, but cabinets need a better finish than water-based paint.

Also, while latex paint is easier to clean up and safer, it doesn’t have the same finish as oil paint. Latex paint is the newest addition to the paint industry. In the 1940s, Sherwin-Williams created the first water enamel paint using a synthetic rubber called latex. The continued development of latex paint technology has been motivated by its safety, environmental friendliness, and ease of use.

The latex paint formulas have improved to almost match the durability and polish you would get with oil-based paint. But then it’s “almost,” not completely. It is more difficult to achieve a smooth and even finish with latex paint than oil paint because it dries faster than oil. Nonetheless, unevenness can be minimized by using a sprayer. You’ll notice a difference in how your kitchen cabinets look if you use a paint sprayer.

So, what’s the solution? While oil-based products can be dangerous and time-consuming, latex is safe and natural but does compromise a little on the aspect of quality. So, the solution would be hybrid enamels.

3. Hybrid Enamels—

Hybrid enamels are the best paint for cabinets. They have no VOCs and are easy to clean up. Hybrid enamels offer the best of both worlds: a beautiful finish and easy cleaning.

working to develop low VOC paints that would provide excellent protection for wood and offer exceptional finishes. They came up with Acrylic Alkyd paint over the years. This paint has the beautiful finish of oil paint but is easy to clean up like water-based paint. The pigment is carried by an oil molecule that’s surrounded by water molecules. The oil is left behind as the water evaporates. This leaves behind that shiny, durable finish we spoke of earlier. It takes only soap and water to clean it up.

The next thing is figuring out a way to paint the cabinets. You can choose any of your preferred methods of painting kitchen cabinets. However, the easiest and most even coat will be achieved with a paint sprayer. You can also brush or roll hybrid enamel paint to make your wood cabinets look amazing.

Here are the paint types you need to consider—

The best paint for cabinets can only be as good as your preparation work. Without a flawless finish, perfect color and sheen are meaningless. Preparation and patience are key to achieving a professional-quality finish on your kitchen cabinets. DIY projects require a lot more preparation than professional ones.

The best way to achieve great results is by trying flood coating. Flood coating your primer with a clear coat is one of the most effective ways to achieve a smooth look on your kitchen cabinets. Between coats of paint, sand lightly. This helps to bond the paint layer with the primer and previous layer, resulting in a smoother coat.

Now that you know how to choose the right interior paints such as those for your kitchen cabinets and you know how to paint right, there is no reason why your kitchen won’t become the center of attraction of your home.