Interior Exterior & Renovations Vancouver Painters

Wed, Sep 30, 2020

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Interior Exterior & Renovations Vancouver Painters

Do you want a fresh coat of paint for your exterior walls? Does the interior drywalls of your house demand quick repair? Does your property look older than its age because of the faded paint? Professional painting contractors Vancouver can help you with all the aspects of house painting and bring a new life to your property.

Services professional painting companies provide:

  1. Interior painting services
  2. Exterior painting services
  3. Renovation services

The best commercial painting contractors act as a one-stop solution for your house painting needs. You must know what services you can get from a reputed painting company and details of the inclusions.

1. Interior painting services:

Interior painting is a very comprehensive subject. You must have a clear understanding of the inclusions in a residential interior painting contract to ensure you avail of only the required services. The best commercial painting companies in Vancouver include the following in their interior painting services package:

  • Cabinet Repainting and refinishing services
  • Drywall repair services
  • Wallpaper removal and installation services
  • Popcorn ceiling removal services Wall paint consultation and application services
  • Crown Molding Services

Depending upon the services you choose from the offered services, you would be presented with a customized proposal; of course with other factors also kept into consideration.

2. Exterior Painting Services:

The exterior areas of a property are as important as the interior when it comes to creating value of the property. Because different outdoor living spaces are included in the exterior painting project considerations, the list of services included in an exterior painting project is also extensive. Usually, it includes:

  • Painting and staining services
  • Power washing services
  • Stucco repairs and painting services
  • Fence painting services
  • Porches and pergola painting services

Again you need to check what services are included in the exterior painting proposal.

3. Renovation services:

Renovation services are imperative to engage when your property starts showing off its age. You must know that various elements leave signs of wear and tear on the property. Professional painting contractors can work on these damages and ensure a beautiful restoration of your property.

Make sure you discuss all the aspects of the renovation project with the service provider and avail the right services. Commercial painting contractors indulge in repair and painting requirements for a range of interior and exterior living areas of your home. You must be vigilant while picking the services you require and demand a customized proposal.

The best painting companies in Vancouver offer you flexible painting services as per your unique requirements. Connect with the professional painting contractors today and get a free painting estimate.

4. Wall prepetition resources, Time, knowledge and skills

The thumb rule of painting any surface is preparing it first. You can get the best finish and long-lasting results only if the wall is perfectly prepared. You must have an eye for detail to find out the flaws in the existing structure. There are a few general steps of preparing a wall, including:

  • Brush off the cracking or peeling paint
  • Sand the walls to remove old and dull paint
  • Use wall putty to cover cracks, dents and scratches
  • Cover all the edges with painter’s tape to ensure smudge free and mess free application

5. Painting technique:

You are on the last leg of the process and ready to get your room painted to perfection. Now all you have to do is know the right painting technique and get started with the final application of your choice of paint. Make sure you tackle one wall at a time to save yourself from exhaustion.

Moreover, paint the dark colored walls before you paint a light color wall.

Before you begin, apply a thin coat of primer on the walls and then two equally thin layers of paint. Give each layer plenty of time to dry for best results.

If you find all of this too intimidating, you always have an option to call one of the best painting companies in Vancouver and take professional help.

6. Clean the surfaces:

You will have to ensure that the walls and trims have no dirt on them. Dirt will make the bond between the wall and the paint loose and the paint will last sooner than expected. Take a clean cloth and wipe all the trims and edges. You must also remove other types of impurities including pet hair, dust, sawdust, grime, and more. If the walls can be washed off, use a jet water spray to do it.

7. Trim treatment:

As the walls are almost ready to paint, it is now time to protect the trims. Use a painters tape to cover the trims. This will not only ensure no paint on the trims but also make painting the walls easier.

8. Testing the sample:

Now you are done with the preparation and ready to move to paint. However, expert painting companies near me suggest that you try the paint in a patch first before you color the entire wall. Patch testing gives you a clear idea of how the paint and finish will look after the final application.

If all this appears a comprehensive task to you, which it definitely is, availing commercial painting services in Richmond is a wiser choice.