How to Select Industrial & Commercial Paint Colors?

Wed, Aug 5, 2020

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How to Select Industrial & Commercial Paint Colors?

If commercial and industrial painting has something common with residential painting, it is limited to general painting requirements. However, when it comes to specifics of industrial painting, there are a lot of regulations that must be followed while painting a commercial building.

You will learn:

  1. Color selections according to specific areas
  2. ASA Recommendation for Pipe Identification and Color Coding
  3. Color selection for general painting

A professional Vancouver painting company can guide you the best about paint colors for industrial and commercial buildings. Meanwhile, here is the key information you must have about choosing the paint colors for your industrial and commercial properties.

1. Review of color selections according to specific areas:

There are a set of different colors for industrial and commercial properties that are specific selections for specific areas. This includes:

Safety Colors:

  • Yellow: The areas that pose a hazard to the safety of employees are colored Yellow. These areas include Cranes and Hoists, and Material Handling Equipment, railing and more.
  • Blue: Electrical controls and specialized repair zones.
  • Green: First aid areas.
  • Purple: Areas with radiation hazard.
  • Orange: Highlighting machine parts, gears and buttons.
  • Red: Stop signs and fire safety system and equipment.

2. ASA Recommendation for Pipe Identification and Color Coding:

  • Red: Fire Fighting system and equipment.
  • Yellow: Flammable, toxic, poisonous, corrosive, high temperature and high pressure material.
  • Green: Non-hazardous, non-poisonous, non-flammable, moderate temperature, under low pressure materials.
  • Blue: Protection friendly materials other than firefighting.

3. Color selection for general painting:

Color selection for general painting is equally complicated but here you have more liberty to choose your favorite color. It is important to understand that the color of your walls tells a lot of things about your business hence a lot of things go into the selection of the best color. This includes:

  • Business image: First thing first, the color of your walls must suit your business image. A sophisticated color is perfect for a real estate business while a bright shade with great artwork suits a gaming business office.
  • Motivating and positivity: The color must be motivating and encouraging to boost the morale of the employees. Orange, green, blue hues and shades of grey offer a safe, relaxing as well as creative environment to the employees while nurturing your professional image.
  • Clients and potential customers: The color combination on your walls must be eye-catching and must attract both; your existing and potential customers. A too bright or too dull palate might work for every business and hence help from professional commercial painting contractors is a must.
  • Type of paint: The type of paint you choose determines a lot of things including cost of painting, requirement of maintenance and more. Your options are many including matte, satin, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss. Ensure that you connect with a Vancouver painting company for professional help.

When you keep both specific industrial requirements as well as general painting requirements in mind, you can easily decide the best color that will make your industrial and commercial spaces look livelier and ready to be engaged for production and performance.