How Frequently Should You Repaint the Walls in Your House?

Thu, Jan 27, 2022

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How Frequently Should You Repaint the Walls in Your House?

Planning to repaint your walls can be exciting and daunting at the same time. When you think about repainting the flashbacks from the last time you painted might make you restless. Picking new colors, sanding the old paint, getting the walls even, and then applying the fresh paint - it all requires money, energy, and patience. And most of us cannot do that very frequently.

So, the big question is how often should you repaint your walls? Let us discuss:

Hallways and Porch

Hallways and porches face the highest traffic in a house. From house helps to family members to guests and everyone else who visits the house - hallways and porch are common.

So, the walls of hallways and around the porch are bound to get dirty and dull with time. The constant touch, dirt, dust, and traffic make the walls look old in a short time. So, it is wise to repaint your wallsin the hallways every two years or so.

Adult Bedrooms

Adults who go to the office do not spend much time in their bedrooms. However, given the current work-from-home trends, people might want to turn their bedrooms into offices. So, depending on how much time you spend in your bedroom and the traffic the walls face, you can decide to repaint. If there is more traffic, repainting every couple of years can help.

Another factor here is the choice of color. If you feel bored with the current color palette and need to change the mood of your bedroom, repainting the walls is a good idea. In that case, you can repaint the walls whenever you feel the time is right.

Kids Bedrooms

Kids get bored more frequently than adults. So, if they had insisted on painting their room red last year, they might need a bright yellow this year. Depending on their mood and choice, you can choose to repaint the walls if feasible.

Also, if your kids are small, there are chances of having crayons and water paint on the walls. If that does not look like a masterpiece that you would like to keep, you can choose to repaint it. Kids can also create a big mess through spilling and splashing. So, to hide the stains, repainting is a great solution.

In short, whenever you see your kid’s room needing a paint job again, call one of the best painting companies near you and change the paint. You can involve them in the decision and help them choose the perfect color for their room. You can also select a combination of colors and accent wall textures.

High-traffic Areas

Your kitchen, family room, and bathrooms are the high-traffic areas of the house, after hallways. These are also the rooms where spilling and splashing are common. For bathrooms, problems like mold and damp walls can also creep up their heads. With kids, pets, and other family members moving in and out of these areas frequently, the walls cannot be crisp and clean for a long time. We recommend repainting within 2 or 3 years.

Low-traffic Areas

The low-traffic areas include a study, guest room, spare bathroom, etc. Almost no one enters these areas unless it is required. So, with less traffic, the paint can stay put for some time.

It can take about five years to think about repainting your walls in these areas.

So, we hope we have covered almost every area for you to decide when to repaint your walls. If you want to repaint and are looking for a painting company, contact XYZ Construction & Renovation group Company. We provide wall painting, drywalling and sanitization services, and many more. Call us when you decide to repaint your home, and we will be right at your doorstep.