Four Bathroom Renovation Strategies To Make Your Bathroom Energy-Efficient

Fri, Jun 17, 2022

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Four Bathroom Renovation Strategies To Make Your Bathroom Energy-Efficient

Over the years, bathroom contractors have come across many unique demands from customers. However, the requirement for energy-efficient bathrooms has been at all-time highs recently. Such an increase in demand is primarily due to the rapidly changing climate and growing prevalence of green energy.

Currently, the contractors and architects curate bathroom renovation designs to enhance the efficiency of the bathroom. There are many ideas you can use to make your bathroom energy-efficient too. Continue reading to learn more about the four most effective ways to boost the energy efficiency of your bathroom. Let us have a look:

1. Ask Your Bathroom Contractors To Reduce the Wastage Of Water

The water that people use in their homes now accounts for about 50% of public water usage. The numbers suggest that an average household uses about 350 liters of water almost daily. The majority proportion of this usage takes place in the bathrooms. So, if you are planning a bathroom renovation anytime soon, you must think about reducing the wastage of water when you or your family members use the bathroom.

There are many ways your bathroom contractors can help you manage the over-utilization of water and make your space energy-efficient. For instance, you can try installing a dual flush toilet, regulating your shower heads with fit flow regulators, using bathtubs with regulated capacity, or equipping your taps with aerators. These simple measures can be highly effective in reducing your water wastage and enhancing the efficiency of your bathroom.

2. Reduce The Temperature Of Your Water Heaters

It does not matter if you have recently had a bathroom renovation or not. The water heater in your bathroom will remain one of the most significant energy-draining appliances in your home. It does not just regulate the heat of your water but also works silently in the background. As a result, it becomes very challenging to determine the extent of energy these appliances drain.

Fortunately, there are ways you can regulate the energy consumption of your water heater with a simple call to your bathroom contractors. The ideal temperature of your water is 120 degrees, and most heaters come with a default setting of 140 degrees. So, your contractors can visit you with their handy tools and bring down the temperature by 20 degrees, helping you achieve better energy efficiency.

3. Use Windows To Your Advantage

One cannot talk about energy efficiency without mentioning windows.

Windows and skylights are always an efficient addition to your bathroom renovation plans. If you don’t have windows in your bathroom, adding them will help you.

First, the windows offer an excellent passage for air. It provides natural ventilation to your bathroom. So, you need not worry about installing any extractor fan to deal with the moisture.

Besides that, windows give you unmatched access to natural light, further helping you bring down your electricity bills to a great extent. You can ask your bathroom contractors to install an Omega 12 glass package that promises to reduce energy consumption by about 98%.

With free air and light, you need not worry about turning on the extractor fan or lights in your bathroom, which is a good idea to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

4. Add LED Lights To Your Next Bathroom Renovation List

Of course, there are many ways you can bring down the energy consumption of your bathroom. However, one of the easiest yet effective ways to bring down your utility bills is by leveraging the potential of LED lights. Ask your bathroom contractors to get the most energy-efficient bathroom LED lights to enhance efficiency.

Switching to LED lights in your next bathroom renovation will ensure you go the extra mile with minimal effort. Besides, LED lights also last twenty times longer than the conventional CFL lights that are more common in households. Thus, it creates an ideal win-win situation for you.

In Conclusion

These are the four most effective ways to make your bathroom more energy efficient with minimal effort and expenditure on a bathroom renovation.

So, make sure to bring this information to the attention of your bathroom contractors and save tons on your energy and utility bills with minimal hassle. If you’re looking for contractors to give your bathroom a facelift, contact XYZ Construction and Renovation Group. We provide all kinds of construction, renovation, and carpentry services. Call us today!