#1 Finish carpentry contractors

#1 Finish carpentry contractors

Finishing carpentry is much more than only the interior trim work! So, if you thought of finishing carpentry as just the trim work, we are here to break the bubble for you!

All the work in the house done after sheathing, wiring, framing, plumbing, drywalling, and insulation comes under finishing carpentry. So, everything from interior door fitting to window installation and trim, crown molding, wainscoting, and cabinet installation - finishing carpentry covers everything!

But not everyone can do the job as efficiently as skilled craftsmen, and XYZ Construction & Renovation group has a team full of them! We are one of the best finish carpentry contractors in Surrey that you can count on! Let’s have a look at the services we provide

Door Fitting and Window Installation

Even if you have factory-made doors, you need skills to fit them spot-on, which requires skill. The experts at XYZ Construction & Renovation group come fully equipped with gouges and sharp chisels to fit your doors like a glove.

Similarly, we install and fit windows using the right tools and equipment. So, if you need finishing carpentry services in Vancouver for installing your doors and windows, we will help you out!

Trim Work

Trims, crown molding, wall paneling, and wainscoting - everything beautifies your house, and we help you install them. However, choosing the perfect trim material and installing it requires experience and skill. The experts at XYZ have the experience of using chop saws, pin nailers, routers, and table saws to create and install trim work in your home. They can cut and fit the miter joints perfectly to hide the minor imperfections in the natural wood. So, if you need intricate details in your trim work, we will help you do it right!

Cabinet Installation

Whether you want to build your cabinets at home or buy factory-made ones, we will help you install them. We help homeowners by installing cabinets sturdily and with invisible nuts and bolts. If your cabinets do not have finish, we will also help you apply the same and get the best results!

So, if you need any of these services and are looking for finish carpentry contractors, talk to the experts at XYZ Construction & Renovation group. Over the years, we have mastered our skills in finishing carpentry.


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