Adding Luxurious Appeal to Your Home with Paint Colors -

Wed, Dec 9, 2020

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Adding Luxurious Appeal to Your Home with Paint Colors -

So, you want to elevate the sophistication grade of your home? Painting the home with sophisticated color has always been in trend. However, which colors to choose and how to paint is a tough nut to crack. The best painting companies in Vancouver explain that using sophisticated colors can go wrong easily if you do not know what and how to use them. Best sophisticated colors to use in the home:

  1. Navy
  2. Milk Chocolate
  3. Smoky blue
  4. Buttermilk
  5. Taupe
  6. Neutral green
  7. Purple grey
  8. Black

You do not have to stick with grey or greige anymore as there are many more sophisticated color options available, let’s explore your options:

1. Navy:

There’s nothing classier than Navy color. The color is being used more and more in kitchen cabinets. It also has got an entry in foyers and bathrooms and is an undefeated king so far. The color helps you make a sophisticated and luxurious appeal around your house.

2. Milk Chocolate:

As the name suggests, this is the perfect shade of brown which is neither too warm nor too light. When applied to woodwork, you can get an extraordinary appeal when you use this color. You can make a combination of Milk Chocolate with ivory, plum, taupe and darker shades of brown. The combinations are perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

3. Smoky blue:

Any color with a smoky effect is amazing to use. However, smoky blue has its appeal. The color is so amazing with just the perfect power to woo any viewer. Whether you are painting a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom, you can use smoky blue without hesitation. The color goes great with the black and white combination.

4. Buttermilk:

Who thought this color would become this popular in a short time. But this uplifting hue has created a stir in the painting industry. The common application of the color is for the kitchen, breakfast nook, living room, or other areas of the house that require warm colors.

5. Taupe:

A little further to grey, Taupe is the color of the utmost sophistication. It is the most balanced color that you can use anywhere in the house and enjoy the new feel and warmth.

6. Neutral green:

Neutral green comes with two undertones, this makes it both warm and cool. The color is in use for a long time and gives a historic appeal. It can be used on wooden surfaces as well as on white surfaces. The color makes an excellent choice for dining rooms and living rooms.

7. Purple grey:

The shade of purple and grey is very easy to use in different areas. When paired with a warm tone of grey this color leaves everlasting impressions.

8. Black:

You will be amazed to know that black is one of the colors that boost sophistication, expert commercial painters Bundoora use the color strategically on areas that need a little definition. Creating an accent wall using black color is the best technique. So, these are the best color choices that commercial painting contractors suggest to use to increase sophistication in your house.