5 Signs Your House Needs a New Paint Job

Tue, Jun 13, 2023

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5 Signs Your House Needs a New Paint Job

However, when will you know the right time for repainting the house? You might not notice it, but your house gives you signs that it needs a new paint job. Here, we will discuss the five telltale signs that show you need to invest in home painting again. Let us have a look: 

  1. Peeled Paint

Many paint companies in the market are known for their durable products. Such paints can stick to your walls seamlessly for years together. However, there are many cases when the walls start to peel.  

The reason could be any, like:

  • Poor paint job by your previous home painting contractor
  • Poor-quality material used for the construction of walls 
  • Dampness on the walls 
  • Poor-quality paint 

Besides, there can be other factors like the weather and temperature in your region. Whatever the reason, if your paint starts peeling, it is a clear sign that your home needs a paint job. 

  1. Mold or Mildew 

If you live in a hot and humid area, moisture can be a reason that destroys your paint. You cannot live in a house with walls covered in mold or mildew. It is very unhealthy and poses serious health risks. 

So, if you see even tiny splotches of mold or  mildew on your walls, it is time to go for home painting and give your house a fresh paint job. In this case, do not avoid the walls that don’t have any visible signs of mold. If one part of your house has it, there are chances that it is everywhere and might not be visible to the naked eye. Repainting the entire house is a wise call in such cases. 

  1. Fading or Chalking of the Paint

Everyone wants their house to look fresh and new. However, if the paint on the walls starts fading away, it will work inversely. Your house will look old and worn out. Especially when it comes to the outer area of your home, the paint fades faster due to sun exposure, leading to a dull-looking exterior. 

On the other hand, chalking may look similar to fading, but it is more of a chemical reaction of the paint to the UV rays. As a result, a white, chalky coat forms on the surface, looking like dust. You cannot paint over this topcoat as the paint will not adhere to the walls due to its presence. So, you need to sand the paint down and paint with a fresh coat. 

Fading or chalking is a clear sign that you need a new paint job. However, once you decide to get home painting services from experts, look for weather-resistant and long-lasting paint. It will prevent the hassle of repainting the house every other year. 

  1. Bubbling of Paint

If you see blisters or bubbles on your walls, it shows that the paint has lost its adhesiveness. So, it starts pulling away from the surface of the walls. 

Bubbling may happen due to moisture on the walls beneath the paint. If you ignore it for too long, it will start peeling and falling off the walls. 

Therefore, we advise you to contact home painting professionals if you find your home’s paint bubbling or blistering. 

  1. Cracking or Staining of Paint

If your paint starts to crack, it shows the stucco or plaster beneath is damaged. The damage means the walls are prone to moisture and water that can enter beyond the coat of paint and plaster. 

Such damage may lead to further damage to the walls. So, call your home painting experts and let them examine the situation. They will provide you with solutions like repairing or re-doing the stucco and then repainting the walls. 

So, these are the five signs that show you need a new paint job for your home. 

If you have any of these signs at your home, it is time to call a home painting contractor. If you’re looking for efficient professionals providing all-encompassing home construction and painting services, contact XYZ Construction and Renovation Group.