XYZ Construction & Renovation group - 4 Commercial Paint Colors You Can Choose For Your Office

Fri, Jan 14, 2022

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XYZ Construction & Renovation group - 4 Commercial Paint Colors You Can Choose For Your Office

Studies have proven that your surroundings have a direct impact on your brain. In the same context, we will learn about commercial paint colors.

So, you are planning to paint your office new. Well, that is refreshing and exciting. Newly painted walls not only give your space a new life but also add a touch of freshness to your routine! We all need to break the monotony of our routines, and a fresh coat of paint can do that for you. It is a great idea, especially with the onset of the New Year.

However, just like home paints, it is equally tough to choose commercial paint colors. If you are in a dilemma, we will help you select the best ones. So, let us get started:

1) White

According to color psychology, the White color symbolizes peace, purity, space, and positivity. We all need that while we work. So, white is one of the best colors to paint your office.

Another upside of choosing white paint for your commercial space is that it will act as a blank canvas. You add your branding to the white walls just as you want. If you choose it for your office, it will give you a sense of calmness every time you enter. Also, it will help you decorate your office in your favorite colors because white goes with everything!

2) Blue

If we talk about more conventional colors, Blue stands first. While blue is the color of sadness, it also symbolizes productivity, stability, and calmness.

The best thing about the color blue is that it is available in many shades. You can choose the darker tones, the lighter ones, or a mix of both. If you don’t want your office to be all blue, you can choose it as a base color or pair it with other colors like white, beige, yellow, orange, etc.

3) Gray

For corporate offices, choosing funky colors is not a good idea. So, at places where you need to tone it down, gray is the best bet.

Gray is a very formal and subtle color for the walls of an office. The dark and light shades of gray, you can use both as a base for the office walls. The best thing about gray is that it will easily match the computer systems, black chairs, and other hardware in the office. So, you don’t have to work too hard on the interiors.

4) Yellow

You might be surprised how yellow landed on our list of commercial paint colors. Considering the office culture prevalent these days, we had to mention it. The color psychology says that yellow depicts warmth, energy, brightness, and attention.

Employees often work hard, and given the digital aspects of jobs these days, they need a break from the monotony of the blacks, whites, and grays. So, yellow comes to the rescue and gives them an instant energy boost. If not the entire office, you can paint the break room, lunchroom, or game room in yellow. You can also find an accent wall in the middle of the office and paint it bright yellow! So, these were the four commercial paint colors. We hope these help you find the right color for your office. If you are looking for professionals delivering commercial painting services, XYZ Construction & Renovation group is here to help! We are a commercial painting company that offers painting, sanitization, and drywalling services.